Why Choose Us?

At E-learning info, we always believe on “Kaizen” that is continuous improvement with an aim to deliver the best. E-learning Info is a harmonious combination of innovations, human resource, social responsibilities, and globalisation. Click each circle to know more


Constant Innovations

We are always constantly exploring new ideas and technologies. We are not confined to any limit. Be it a multiple means of delivery to open sourcing of new tool, we are not restricted ourselves to any boundaries. Our contributions in research and innovation are remarkable. And we unvaryingly share our results with you.

Quality Human resource

Human Resource is oneof the core areas of our company. To deliver quality, we need to have the best team. Our team members have rich experience in developing quality content. They have the right skills and latest technical expertise for content development in various platforms. We have instructional designers, graphic experts, animation experts, technical experts, etc in our team.

Secured Information

We are always aware of the today’s competitive scenario and actively protect our data and information. Be it printed or written on paper, electronically stored, transmitted by mail or by electronic means, shown in films, or spoken in conversation, we take utmost care to protect them against peril to information security and data confidentiality.

We have a transparent system and keep daily backups of data in a different storage system. And we have developed a complete Data Security Policy within the organization that maintains confidentiality, durability, and availability of both vital corporate and customer information.

Resource Globalisation

Foreign companies want to have local tie-ups for developing local business. So, we work with those companies who are seeking local relationships. To develop and design learning programmes, we need to work closely with the clients. So, we appoint and deploy local teams at client’s location across the globe.