E-Learning Developments

E-Learning Info offers high level of instructionally intuitive and visually engaging elearning courses to meet all learning requirements of our clients and learners. We have effectively used Instruction Design Standards to meet all the learning, training needs of the learners.

Our expertise and experience have been to develop a variety of compelling eLearning courses which include complex eLearning simulations, interactive flash-based CBT modules and simple ILT courses covering a wide range of industries like Banking and Finance, FMCG, Telecommunicationsand IT. There have been many complex cases for which we were able to design perfect solutions in the case studies section.

Our services cover content development, 2-D and 3-D animation, subject matter expertise, instructional design and the testing of e-learning courseware. We also create assessment and evaluation tools and applications for E-learning modules.

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Instructor-Led Training is similar with other learning methodologies offered at E-Learning Info (such as e-learning, remote labs, recordings and others) and it is one of the most efficient and popular methods for teaching high-end technology content.

E-Learning Info believes that class room training is the basis of Integrated Learning approach.Even though e-learning and remote labs allow our students to learn anytime and anywhere at significantly lower cost, traditional instructor-led training allows learners to obtain more knowledge and deeper skills in less time — under the instruction guidance and mentorship of certified E-Learning Info instructors.

Each instructor develops a broad range of IT content, and their well-organized and professionally delivered teaching style enables learners to easily grasp key components of the courses efficiently.

In addition to improving their teaching skills continually, E-Learning Info instructors are engaged in real-life projects and gain hands-on technical experience while working with E-Learning Info major customers in India.

The benefits of ILT are:

  • Active engagement of the learners
  • Experienced instructors
  • Focus on real-life challenges
  • Active discussions
  • Equipped and comfortable learning environment

Rapid Authoring

Effective learning development depends on the selection of the right eLearning development tool. We create engaging courses using interactivities, branching scenarios, multimedia, and different types of practice activities for the learners in a short span of time. Our expertise in authoring tools makes the development faster and easier, and meets your business requirements well within your budget. Based on your requirement, we can use the authoring tools to publish eLearning content for mobile devices or to create multi‒device eLearning for desktops, smartphones and even tablets.

The benefits of Rapid learning are

  • Lower development cost and time
  • Multi‒device compatible output
  • Easy localisation through XML export/import
  • Fast and easy course updates
  • Extensive reuse of multimedia content

Some rapid authoring tools, which we use, are:

Game Based Learning

Game is the fun way of learning. Games based learning compels the learners to learn by its highly engaging and interactive learning exercises such as Scenario and Simulation. Game based e-Learning are extremely powerful as compared to traditional asynchronous e-learning courseware. Simulation creates an immersive dual reality experience that allows participants to make real choices in the circumstances that confront them within the gaming environment. These immersive experiences provide a learning opportunity like no other. E-Learning Info have helped scores of companies to design and implement high ROI e-learning programs with the help of gaming.

The benefits of Game based learning are

  • Quicker rollout of e-learning courseware to maximum employees.
  • Reduced cost compared to a face-to-face instructor led training.
  • Ability to enable employees to experience real work situations and foster an engaging learning experience that rapidly changes behavior and performance.
  • Ability to repeat and reuse the training content.

Translation and Localization

E-Learning Info focuses on translation and localisation of learning content for successful global deployment. We create lucid, accurate, and culturally relevant translations of your learning content. This will increase effectiveness and help the learners to understand the training programs easily. The learners prefer content in their native and/or local language in a sleek and interactive manner, both in the textual and audio formats. Our end–to–end localisation services for eLearning projects can help you to translate and localize your content in more than 50 languages, ranging from text translation and audio recording to course packaging.

First, our highly–experienced and skilled development team first understands the content, target audience, and cultural context of the courseware. Next, the storyboards and project files are thoroughly screened for elements such as embedded graphics, button text, messages, and pop–up text. This helps us guarantee exhaustive text extraction, in addition to assessing the content for language specific issues like possible text expansion or font compatibility.

Mobile Learning

The Mobile Learning is an excellent platform for delivery of e-learning content -‘on the move’. It excels the limitation of accessing e-learning content in the laptops or desktops.

We offer a wide range of customized mobile Learning solutions for your organization using the latest design approaches to help you deliver learning across multiple devices. Tablets, phablets and smartphones; Android, BlackBerry or iOS platforms; technologies like Flash, Objective C or HTML 5 ‒ we cover them all!

Our various mobile learning offerings are

  • Multi-device learning
  • eLearning on tablets
  • mEnablement
  • Performanc support Apps
  • Mobile Videos
  • mBooks